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Gastric Bread Recipe

Today we have brought before you the most easy and simplest and the delicious recipe that you were looking for years, it so easy that you can make it with 3 simple steps, did you hear that? only 3 simple steps, are you kidding me?, No I am not its the simpliest recipe you will find on this site and this is the tasties one also.

This Gastric Bread is very simple to be made and your stomach is going to like it. We have a Magenbrot or Magenbrotli breads which are mainly backed for the event of Christmas and they are commonly known as the herbal bread. This was the most common information that you have learnt from the article and now let’s move on to our today’s recipe which is the Gastric bread Recipe, we have made this for 4 people and the ingrediets are for the 4 people serving, you can reduce the quantity or increase the quatity of ingredients on your own needs.


  • 1Pk baking powder
  • 200G butter
  • 2Pc Eggs
  • 2Tbsp Cocoa powder
  • 130G Almonds (ground)
  • 500G Flour
  • 1Msp Clove powder
  • 2Tbsp rum
  • 1Tbsp cinnamon
  • 200Gsugar

Ingredients for the glaze:

  • 200G powdered sugar
  • 1 shot Lemon juice

Now that we have got all the ingredients on the chart and let me remind you are you noting this down or not, if not then not it, this going to help you in future.


  1. This first step is really very simple and in this, you have to mix all ingredients together in the dough using a food processor, and your work is done for the first and now let’s get to the second step.
  2. Now that you have made the dough so its time to shape it up like a thick roll of about 2cm, then take a tray and a baking paper and add that baking paper to the tray and add rolls on the top of it and bake it in an oven with 200 degrees heat for about 20 minutes or depending on your roll thickness.
  3. For some juicy experience, mix the sugar and lemon juice and just add that on the top of the stomach bread, Now, just cut the stomach bread in pieces and eat it as it is warm and juicy and enjoy it.

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