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Duck Breast With Brussels Sprouts Recipe

The simple and delicious recipe of Duck Breast with brussels sprounts can make your evening with friends even more great and you are going to love your life while having this dish. This is not necessary that you should use the duck breasts, you can also use Chicken, turkey, goose and there are a lot of animals out there which you can use to make it but the only thing that we loved to choose duck is that Duck Breasts has an oily skin and that is the only reason why it is so much juicy and delicious.

You can Chicken and turkey also but the best way to make them is to wrap their meat in bacon before you fry it so that the meat can remain juicy but we didn’t did this bacause we wanted to give a awesome test and now if you use this trick it will get a arficial touch which not good and will not taste as good as the duck ones.

The recipe for Duck Breast With Brussels sprount is pretty simple and it have only few ingredients and 3 preparation steps and this recipe is for 4 people which means 4 people can eat this. So below are the ingredients and the method to cook this delicious food.


  • 130ml Broth, chicken
  • 400G duck breast
  • 1TL Flour
  • 2Tbsp oil
  • 1prize pepper
  • 50ml cream
  • 380G Brussels sprouts
  • 1 between rosemary
  • 1 prize salt
  • 3Pc Bacon strips, as desired
  • 1TL Tomato paste

So now these ingredient are enough I guess, let’s move further with the 3 simple steps to cook it and believe you are going to love to cook and don’t thank after reading this post!


  1. The first and the foremost step is to boil the bouillon in a large pan or saucepan what are you find in your house, you just have to boil it. Now get to the brussels sprouts and cook them in salty water and cook them until they are likely to get bit.
  2. Get the Duck Breast closer to your hands and wash them and cut them in some slices or strips. Get the oil and dump it into the pan and fry the duck breasts for about 5 minutes or depending on your boiling point on both sides you have to fry it, and make sure you fry it properly because if it is not fried properly then it might not taste good. Now tomato paste in it. Here the flour came to the pan and sweat with the duck breasts and then add the boiled bouillon and stir and stir.
  3. Let’s get some decorations also so now get some finely chopped rosemary, stir them in the cream and add some salt and pepper. Get the plates out of your shelf and add the brussels sprouts and serve to your family, it would be better if you serve it with some bacon cubes and mashed potatoes this will double the joy and you are going to like it a lot.

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