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Bread Pudding Recipe

I know a lot of you have been heard of this recipe and I am quite sure that you love this recipe and that is the only reason that you are visiting this web page to know how to properly cook this thing!

Let me tell you something about Bread Pudding, it is a simple and a very sweet recipe and you are going to love it a lot. Bread Pudding is known in several countries but its also in some weird and funny names which includes pyre in Austria or oven hatchets in Bavaria. This recipe is well-know for its test and I hope you are going to love it also. Below is the whole recipe that you want to get started to make the bread pudding by yourself and believe me this recipe is going to make you feel like a chef.

As we thought that we should at least make this delicious recipe for 4 peoples so below the recipe is for 4 peoples:


  • 250G stale white bread or rolls
  • 1TL Butter for spreading the mold
  • 4thPc Eggs
  • 0.5l milk
  • 5Pc medium-sized apples
  • 3Tbsp Raisins
  • 2Tbsp rum
  • 1prize salt
  • 1Pk vanilla sugar
  • 1prize cinnamon
  • 80G sugar

These were all the Ingredients that you will need to get started with this recipe and now let’s move on the the exact procedure that you will need to apply to make this delicious Bread Pudding.


  1. To prepare this delicious Bread Pudding, you will have to apply butter to the baking dish thoroughly. And you should turn the oven on and set the temperature to at least 200 degrees.
  2. Now here the first step begins, now you have to cut the bread that you brought in to half centimeter slicked and it should be a little think so it will not break if you take it.
  3. Add the eggs, sugar, vanilla sugar and a pinch of salt in the milk and mix it well.
  4. The raisins now bathe in a mixture of rum and some water. Now they have socked up the liquid, take on the taste and make the bread pudding particularly tasty. In this case rum is not the necessary. If you don’t like to use alcohol, then you can just sock it in water, that really doesn’t matter. But the raisins should be there for about 10 minutes.
  5. Here the apple comes in action, take the apples and peel them and then finely chop theme in grater or you can make slices also. Now the apple slices should be mixed with the raisins and it should have a little pinch of cinnamon.
  6. Now that you have prepared everything, its time to add the slices of bread in the egg milk and layer it with the apples in the baking dish. Now if you are left with some egg milk then you can add on the top of the bread.
  7. You should now bake it for 40 minutes and after when you see it turning appetizing, and you can feel some crunchy delicacy at 200 degrees, and now you can add some sugar on the top of it and now you are ready to serve you Bread Pudding with your family and friends.

I hope you are going to love this recipe and if you love it then share it with your friends and family.

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