Zuri sliced ​​meat

This creamy Züri Geschnetzelte is the classic among Swiss sliced ​​meat recipes. Ingredients for four servings

Onion pie with shortcrust pastry

The incredibly delicious onion cake recipe with homemade shortcrust pastry is easy to prepare and tastes particularly good with a mid-morning snack.

Green asparagus

Green asparagus, cooked in salt water, goes well with many different dishes. This vitamin-rich recipe is straightforward to prepare.

Cucumber aperitif appetizers

For a fine dinner by candlelight at home or discerning guests: this recipe will help you create a fine aperitif!

Cauliflower soup with potatoes

With this fantastic, vegetarian recipe for a cauliflower soup with potatoes, a tasty and delicate starter is conjured up.

Bread Pudding Recipe

I know a lot of you have been heard of this recipe and I am quite sure that you love this recipe...

Cheese And Potato Halves Recipe

The delicious and the best Cheese and Potato Halves recipe is here, this can be said as the nice piece of meat...

Italian Salad: Recipe of Italian Salad

This Italian Salad is best for the summer and people love it during summer because of its refreshment, if you eat it...

Pumpkin Soup Recipe: Check out the recipe for Pumpkin Soup with anise

Today's here we got the Pumpkin Soup recipe and this is incredibly tasty and you are going to love it, you can...

Pesto-snails Recipe

Pesto snails are just too easy to make as they are easy to be eaten. This is a type of snack and...



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